How to find your next job!!

Do you want to feel like this:


then knowing how to plan



is why I wrote a book based on 18 years of recruitment experience; as a headhunter, a goal head of recruitment and as a  candidate it shares my observations on what works and what doesn’t:

The job of getting a job

The book was written with my view on how to get a job. It is a fast, direct approach to enable you to create the problem of choice ( multiple job offers). I guide you on how to become a Marketing, PR and Salesperson of you. How to talk directly to hiring managers without waiting for job adverts to respond to. How to create a marketing campaign about you. How to understand the tactics on passing interviews. How to write a CV. How to use PR techniques to sound more convincing in Interviews. It is based on my 15 years as a headhunter/recruitment consultant working globally. I have interviewed on average 3000 people a year. I have worked with companies from the top 50 global MNCs. This book is a must read if you need to understand how to be motivated and successful in getting a job.

Let me know what you think of the book.

How hr can ; Increase Revenue, Reduce Cost of hiring, and provide better talent than traditional hiring.

communityWhen CEO’s demand:

Revenue growth, Profit increase, Better talent

The Head of HR has to:

Hire faster, better, cheaper talent

Yesterday hiring talent was;

 Let me sell you on a career at our  company

Today hiring talent is:

let’s pull up a chair, have a coffee and chat about a career

Tomorrow’s engagement could be:

Build a community for entrepreneurs

The concept is to build talent communities which are cheaper to manage than regular employees, who can action on business problems immediately as they are agile ; who autonomously self manage their careers reducing your cost of talent.

With talent communities ( crowdsourcing) you can:

“ white label and auction your business problems to talent pools who compete to gain reward and recognition whilst  solving your immediate requirements ; talent who are un-impaired by a corporate career mindset,”

Seven ways of building a great talent community are:

1. Create a socially interactive talent community, don’t have a oneway information send environment.

2. Reward your community with recognition opportunities, people work for respect as well as money so game your talent recognition.

3. Create free training using your corporate university, people manage their careers by constant upgrade of skills, so offer some free training to incentivise talent to join your community.

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