Robots only automate Process, True or False? HR is not ready for the new you?

Augment, Adapt, evolve repeat, maybe the new future use of IOT is to integrate them into humans, cyborgs, if so how will HR cope with the new, well us? Talent Management, HR development will be radically different:

By now unless you live under a rock you get the idea that any future process will be automated. But in the same breath we all think ‘ahhh creativity’, my job is about creativity and I will continue without impact from my metal friends,perhaps, think again:

Dancer, Golfer,Chef,Racing Driver,Artist:


“i was fortunate to watch this riveting show in Singapore, you start watching the Robot more than the Dancer, you wonder if the Robot could tell the dance what to do, Huang yi sees the robot as an extension to himself”.


” i played for 20 years never got a hole in one”



‘ I want to try my mums apple pie’..

Racing Car Driver

‘Bit boring no crashes, but a true measure between cars what an interesting race.’



‘ Paul has a style all of his own, don’t all artists?’

So in the great words .. if you can’t beat them join them… ‘Cyborg up’!!

Kevin Warwick


So if you can’t code, cant create, and you “wakeup, work, sleep, repeat” then maybe you need to get ahead of the game and well get a  new head. What do you think?

Augment adapt evolve repeat.


HR could become Human Robots management


Alpha 1s Alpha 1s Robot aka ‘Tobi’, my new colleague/hire/purchase, is a Robot.  We co-presented yesterday, whilst I have an inner fear he was more fascinating than me I enjoyed the new experience.


30 Robots for every 10k workers in China, 30 Robots for every 437 workers in Korea.

But what of the work implications for HR, will there be new employee relations issues to consider? Will a Robot want a tea break, or will a human be sacked for Robot Discrimination? Will my Robot request a Robot hire over a human?

One thing is for sure Tobi who rather eerily ” hopes I will like him”, is here to stay and his colleagues are coming en masse and soon; as SMCP reports ‘ 30 robots per 10k workers are made in China, 437 per 10k are made in Korea,’

So HR may have to reconsider its name, and whilst Digital transformation of the business was yesterdays news todays is, perhaps, Cyborg augmentation of the workforce.