Get Ready for a New Seismic Shift in Talent Acquisition

There have been a handful of seismic shifts in talent acquisition over the years … … job boards … applicant tracking systems … social media

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How to find your next job!!

Do you want to feel like this:


then knowing how to plan



is why I wrote a book based on 18 years of recruitment experience; as a headhunter, a goal head of recruitment and as a  candidate it shares my observations on what works and what doesn’t:

The job of getting a job

The book was written with my view on how to get a job. It is a fast, direct approach to enable you to create the problem of choice ( multiple job offers). I guide you on how to become a Marketing, PR and Salesperson of you. How to talk directly to hiring managers without waiting for job adverts to respond to. How to create a marketing campaign about you. How to understand the tactics on passing interviews. How to write a CV. How to use PR techniques to sound more convincing in Interviews. It is based on my 15 years as a headhunter/recruitment consultant working globally. I have interviewed on average 3000 people a year. I have worked with companies from the top 50 global MNCs. This book is a must read if you need to understand how to be motivated and successful in getting a job.

Let me know what you think of the book.

What does tax, talent & marketing have in common?



2 grow revenue and reduce cost.


Need to reduce corporate tax rates;savings can be achieved by moving offices to countries like Malaysia, where you can pay as low as 7% on corporate tax. What impact does your Finance dept make on Human Resources?

Heads of HR: 

Need to reduce the salary bill; this can be achieved by moving headcount to locations like Philippines  where the average salary for a programmer can be 50% less than the Bay area. What impact does your HR make on Finance savings?

Heads of Marketing

Want to sell to bigger audiences; when one advert for a job is seen by 100 people and you hire 1k people marketing can create a 100k people selling moments; Indonesia has 250million people, Philippines has 100million people. What impact does marketing make on hiring communications for your Company?

Whether you are considering Asian countries like Malaysia, Philippines or LATAM countries like Argentina, Brazil or EMEA like Dublin, Poland for your offshore/nearshore delivery centre  a global workforce solution can present a big opportunity across functions.

A cross line of business collaboration may be something you want to consider as a company. Have you created this, I would be fascinated to hear your journey.