4 Steps to Make Managers Into Great Coaches

Great management coaching can be a significant factor in creating sustained organizational productivity and success. Though there are many programs that teach managers how to coach, it seems that few managers know how to coach well. Cerebyte Inc., a company that focuses on creating high-performing organizational cultures, analyzed the coaching role to get a better understanding the factors that prevent and promote great coaching and found many causes for the lack of good coaching (Editor’s note: The author is CEO of the company). First, there . . .

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Some good Coaching insights.

Just in Time Performance Management

heart-rate-459226_1920Just In Time performance management. Who needs annual or monthly reviews?

Your day could be

0900hrs You skipped breakfast rushing for work

BPM 160

                Siri called and suggested a bagel on the way to work.

1030hrs: Your heart rate was:

BPM 156

                Fitbit alarm sounded, and said please try some deep breathing exercises

1035hrs: Your heart rate was

BPM 148

                Your boss called and said I saw your BPM on our social dashboard, lets just focus on 3 key points for todays meeting and  “you will be great!!

BPM 132                             

1037hrs: Googled US import tariffs on Chinese hi Tech.

1039hrs: Alibaba confirmed order at 10% lower price than normal supplier.

1040hrs: Your heart rate dropped

BPM 120 

1045hrs: Fitbit Thermos said drink some water. And your sales pitch began

1130hrs: You signed the deal for 2mil USD!

 Your customer said it was the most confident presentation they had seen that day.

1145hrs: HSBC sent me a txt 20k dollar bonus has just been received.

                Your boss rang. I have another deal in USA can you make it?

Siri help, 

Kayak recommend Singapore Airlines business class,

AirBnB has penthouse loft overlooking Central park

Booking.com has an executive suite in the Hyatt.

Uber Executive can pick you up at JFK.

arrived at the Hyatt SPA

BPM 72

1800hrs: Your mum called ‘good job’ on your deal today, your company HR is so wonderful they just sent me some flowers, I am proud of you.

Agile Cats need a hug too. Agile People liked to be included.

animals-617305_1920Performance management should include your contractors, freelancers and consultants.

Accenture publicly announced last year their change to scrap performance reviews. Companies are scrapping their entire annual review process with more immediate feedback on performance & support.

But what about the elastic population that did not have an annual review, has it been overlooked again?

Contractors and Consultants etc are a growing-army in your organization, the people who are agile talent; communities like freelance.com, upwork.com are some of the leading examples of aggregated agile talent communities. Disruptive fast growth companies who are relying on buy of talent solutions rather than build are constantly engaging with communities like these.

Combined with the big push by companies to reduce salary costs and have agile resources it is not surprising that many leaders consider their contingent workforce to be growing. But how does a company leader manage the alignment of expectations and performance management of an agile contracted workforce.

Several practices that work:

Be inclusive 

So often agile talent is left out of company aspirations radar and seen as band-aids despite an increasing need to leverage these assets longer term. I have seen and worked in companies where contractors are not even invited to the annual lunch despite many serving longer than regular employees.

Data analysis vs values

Evaluating  the cost and deliverables is important and perhaps the contractors, particularly on projects, are often more measured on this aspect than permanent employees. However , consider the social fit and your company values, provide access to your companies value assessments because agile talent cares about how it is perceived how it integrated into your community; indeed social media endorsements are public (linkedin)  and this now matters for future career opportunities.

Leadership training

Ensure your current leaders know how to manage agile talent, how to maximize return and engagement, agile talent will so often go on to a new role as an extended alumni sharing their observations of your company to potential customers competitors so make sure their experience is as rewarding as a full time employee, to do this create awareness in your leaders on the importance of seeing agile talent as part of the extended talent workforce community.

Acknowledge contribution

Upwork.com, enables reporting on assignments with likert scales for projects and tracking of costs so you can make an assessment of talent based on quality and cost. What better opportunity to motivate your agile staff than to provide ongoing public dialogue about their performance in a fair and reasonable manner.

Agile talent is now part of your future talent communities that, the dangers of not knowing how to include this extended workforce will be the future obstacles to success of talent management for leaders. Agile talent needs performance management and inclusion as much as permanent employees.