Is China inc. signaling the new Uber opportunity?

Is China inc.’s  Electric Car investments signaling an opportunity for the sharing economy..China  continues to drive forward on the electric vehicle sector but what’s the bigger prize? Perhaps its street curb electricity? Perhaps Uber owners will be able to cash in on home delivery charging needs?

           Tencent recently bought 5% of Tesla  and now Geely has bought 10 per cent of Mercedes-Benz indeed another China Tech Giant Baidu makes continued investment in AI car automation software for next generation vehicles, so it is not too difficult to see how investments by China tech inc. are being made in to this near future market. 

            With the challenge of infrastructure, where all markets face charging service needs, needs that are currently under supplied, perhaps this is what makes Geely’s investment in Daimler very shrewd because Daimler ( Mercedes- Benz owner)  are working to build a new recharge system. A system that enables truck delivery vehicles to operate more effectively; indeed when you consider how rapid growth for online shopping is stretching capacity of home delivery, a delivery service that is increasingly  restricted by legislation banning diesel trucks from town centres and beyond its not too difficult to imagine why US companies like UPS are aligning with Workinghouse to build their own fleet of electric vehicles in the USA and that ever important charging network. 

         So the whilst the sexy end products of a Tesla roadster may catch your eye as an investor or consumer perhaps it is the fuel for the electric vehicles that maybe more alluring as a near future investment purchase.. Perhaps the sharing economy opportunity is for  home owners to become the new electric stations of tomorrow; a recent article shared how in London an average home struggled to have the right 3 phase electricity to build a fast enough charging hub for an owners car making their recharge overnight almost impossible for their daily commute. So the express charger station owner ‘New Street’ may be the next investment for China Inc, maybe the next purchase by China inc is one house per block with curb side charging rights? 

        Maybe Uber will Trump the moment with owners offering free rides whilst you charge your car at their base station, Uber certainly has the network to rapidly respond to urban charging demands; perhaps Uber will provide off grid charging opportunities with Solar tech from companies like Envision 

     Whatever the investment opportunity it is fascinating to watch this new marketplace evolve.. What’s you POV; what do you think will be the main issues facing electric vehicles in the next 3 years? 



The death of a salesman: Sales automation with Chatbots is a winning strategy!

OCBC bank in Singapore credit their chatbot Emma with a 10m plus delivery in revenue. Chatbot Emma

Chatbots don’t take hours to build, and can be trained with minimal effort, at not much cost,  quickly becoming unsupervised support for sales and customer service.

Effort Time Money Dice Representing The Ingredients For Business
Effort Time Money Blue Dice Representing The Ingredients For Business

Any company that is not developing or deploying chatbots will be equivalent to someone who thinks that people still listen to voicemail and don’t use messaging apps.

If your not open 247 with chatbots perhaps supported by live chat in a hybrid model or chatbot standalone business models then your likely to be another: “who was that company ” that used to sell that thing?

USA retail jobs are declining at the same if not faster rate than during the global financial crisis: so consumer demand is being satisfied by online delivery; with an every associated increasing appetite for now delivery on product and product support; Chatbots  are the obvious solution to providing anytime support.

Retail meltdown

Retail mall meltdown
KLM are a great indicator of what chatbots can do; voted number one chatbot in reviews last year their bot is a sales force mutliplier.

Chatbot programs can be  powered through voice devices like Alexa; so consumers may now book services, using just voice conversation dialogues, the need to even type has been removed;  you can manage directly to your calendars arranging all other associated services e.g a car pick up to the airport etc it takes minutes to configure to your chatbot app to a service and minutes to enable your chatbot to these platforms.

Want to know more:  visit our blog and join the conversation. Or just try our testing centre chatbot on Facebook click here Modern Sales Marketing and HR  Hit the message button ask for a job or just type ‘surprise me’ to see some of the functionality that can be created in hours.

Likes in social media limit your diverse view


likes in social media are a fail, one more choice would make them a success what do you think?

Whats in a like, a complete fail to understand my desire to see other points of view …

That’s because what I like effects my news feed from social media; so what that means is i see the world in a bubble (I only see articles that align to what i already think) and i assume that what i think is what everyone else thinks.

Filter bubbles result from personalized searches when a website algorithm selectively guesses what information a user would like to see based on information about the user (such as location, past click-behavior and search history). As a result, users become separated from information that disagrees with their viewpoints, effectively isolating them in their own cultural or ideological bubbles . [4] The choices made by these algorithms are not transparent. Prime examples include Google Personalized Search results and Facebook ‘s personalized news-stream . source Wiki

What if I don’t like it, but i am interested in it; the diverse view point, what if i want to see more on that diverse view that i don’t like?, if i only had one more option.

Please share if you would like one more button in the comments section and what that button would be: e.g. more, happy, interesting, rubbish but tell me more etc..

Imagine if Nurses Ran Human Resources

Diversity happens when we consider different views:

marines and credit

If Italy Ran you catering department would you stay for lunch and share ideas @ Work.

ciaoItaly Catering

Imagine if your Airforce were consulted on how to overcome fear and create precision for your sales team

Diversity is about seeing transferable brilliance.

HR are responsible for Recruiting Diversity, but if they are not diverse in their thinking how can they be creative?

Diversity happens when you employ beyond the norms of conventional wisdom

Fun & creativity are key to Innovation, my company challenges conventional thinking, my company employs people like Varik who open opportunities for companies to think differently.

Diversity programs have been around for decades, but most companies still don’t have a highly inclusive workplace. Our research shows that companies want to shift from diversity as a program to diversity and inclusion as a business strategy. But nearly one-third of companies in the global survey say they are unprepared in this area, while only 19% claim to be fully ready. Deloitte Consulting link

How does your company consider diversity? is it more than the importance of Gender, is it open to military hire, does it consider transferable skills and does it let other cultures bring vitality to boardroom? it would be great to hear your thoughts on culture,engagement and diversity, or just add a line on who you would have running what in the comments, just for fun…


How to reduce talent costs & increase Revenue: insights on the India talent market


Typically, the cost per hire is calculated by this formula:

“Cost per hire – HR budget/amount of hires”

Because of this simple formula ,HR struggle to share the real picture of hiring costs with CFOs and CEOS, and so struggle to gain investment for innovation that could reduce cost and increase revenue. With some insight HR can change the obvious formula and help the CFO gain insight into the three of the large costs of hiring talent:

“Direct cost, Attrition cost & Opportunity cost”

Direct hiring costs:

A simple time process for hiring talent is as follows:

“If HR spends this long with every hire, their focus will, by necessity and limits to their scale, remain largely operational. HR practitioners that aspire to contributing in a more strategic, impactful fashion will first need to adopt latest-generation HR systems that automate, simplify and optimize these operational HR functions, and only then will they gain the time required to commence strategically managing and optimizing the organisation’s workforce.” says John F Hansen, Oracle’s Vice President for Human Capital Management in JAPAC.

Attrition costs:

Attrition is often a hidden cost of recruitment; typically in the first 3mths, where no real return on labor has been seen, because of onboarding costs, there is often a spike, this spike is because of poor expectation management; office facilities, job requirements, managers leadership style etc. Solving attrition in the first three months is typically addressed by better expectation management, particularly with labor intensive jobs; showing potential candidates the work environment the repetitive tasks required etc, may lead to some heading for the door, but what remains will probably be more loyal.

Opportunity costs

Are typically never measured as it requires data from the workforce planning tools, that HR seldom have, in order to consider productivity shortfalls, revenue at Risk, and what if modelling on what if we had 5 more sales people could we have sold x more product? Or if we had 5 more product development people we could have created a new market of x etc.


Candidate engagement

Candidate engagement, set the right expectation, job advert at interview,handshake if there is something not great about your job or it is cited as a reason why people leave the company then share this in detail at interview.

Shakun Khana HCM Strategy & Transformation Oracle HCM India “India has a significantly high rate of offer to no show ratio, when it comes to hiring,it is event seen at senior levels. A failing point could be attributed to the levels of candidate engagement created during the recruitment & selection process. Organizations need to leverage analytics to understand the drivers of candidate engagement; this will have a significant bearing on the joining ratios and improve the employer branding in the long run”

Employee Referral

Build a company brand that is consistent and can be shared by word of mouth so that your employees, refer-a-friendwho are your biggest ambassador workforce can share your key messages of opportunity. Under pin this with a well-structured referral fee that is paid only upon the completion of 12 mths service by the referred employee.

Yazad Dalal [m1] HCM Strategy & Transformation Head APAC

“Employee branding used to create referral fees has been a dramatic saving opportunity for my customers both past and present”

Just in Time Hiring

By using a CRM toolkit in your HR delivery you can keep track of and engaged with the 2nd or 3rd choice candidates you would have hired but you only needed one on the day,crm by keeping in close communication with them through a structured plan you can reduce time to hire by one week, and the direct hiring costs to a relative 0.

Pramod Sadarjoshi HCM Strategy & Transformation APAC Oracle, says:

“The concept of TOTAL COST of TALENT OWNERSHIP (TCTO) is important and hence needs to be addressed head-on – with speed and granularity. Consider: LinkedIn Talent Solutions Global Recruiting Trends 2016)”:

In 2016, while the ‘Hiring Volume Increase was 62%, the corresponding ‘Hiring Budget Increase’ was only 42%. This imperative puts immense demands of the entire Hiring process to be very effective with regard to all three dimensions i.e.
a) 59% of the companies (surveyed) are investing more in their ‘Employer Brand’, than last year.
b) 39% of the employers value ‘Quality of Hire’ as the most important metric of performance of TA function.
 c) 32% of the companies opined that Employee Retention’ was top priority.
 d) 36% companies felt that ‘Employee Referrals’ will be a long-lasting trend.

“All this makes a compelling case for a proactive Talent Sourcing capability in HR, in order to reduce cost per hire and lower attrition rates.”

Social Sourcingsourcing-talent

LinkedIn & Naukri are incredible aggregation of talent (boards/sites). After you build your initial catch of talent using these cost required boards transition your new catch to your own Candidate Relationship Management tool because you can then engage at a more impactful rate; as Pramod suggests using proactive sourcing capability.

Financial Modelling

It doesn’t have to be complicated, you don’t have to be an expert in excel, indeed Oracle financil-modellingApplications will take care of a lot of the work for you, because we work with CFOs to create models that show workforce planning associated costs and benefits to get ahead of hiring demand, so you can plan progressive engagement.

Murali Manohar HCM Transformation Country Leader India  “We work closely with our HR customers to provide insights on how savings can be achieved through what if scenarios builds,”

Saving costs in recruitment requires understanding and documentation of your workflow and some data points, at Oracle we are happy to help you with this consideration and help. For more information on joining our next free of charge event please contact

This Article was co-authored by Mark Wadsley HCM APAC and all contributors.