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How to find your next job!!

Do you want to feel like this:


then knowing how to plan



is why I wrote a book based on 18 years of recruitment experience; as a headhunter, a goal head of recruitment and as a  candidate it shares my observations on what works and what doesn’t:

The job of getting a job

The book was written with my view on how to get a job. It is a fast, direct approach to enable you to create the problem of choice ( multiple job offers). I guide you on how to become a Marketing, PR and Salesperson of you. How to talk directly to hiring managers without waiting for job adverts to respond to. How to create a marketing campaign about you. How to understand the tactics on passing interviews. How to write a CV. How to use PR techniques to sound more convincing in Interviews. It is based on my 15 years as a headhunter/recruitment consultant working globally. I have interviewed on average 3000 people a year. I have worked with companies from the top 50 global MNCs. This book is a must read if you need to understand how to be motivated and successful in getting a job.

Let me know what you think of the book.

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  1. For sure it will help. Searching job is one of the most painful jobs. regards


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