‘Average knows nothing higher than itself; but talent instantly sees genius.”


Should Performance management start and end with you? How do you measure yourself, are you: failing, average, a high performer, do you have potential?

‘in short are you self aware?

Leadership will discuss high potential vs high performance in reviews and manage out, diagonally or up accordingly, with the rest left in the middle. Contrast the original performance question with two more;

‘do you want to change or are you actually-

happy just staying put?’

‘does high potential mean you have to-

take a leadership role?’

As Roshan Choxi’s article points out you may have to consider  management just to have a job, as it is the number two opportunity path for a future career, whilst progressively technology automates and  erodes the opportunities of any process role.

World economic forum article by Roshan Choxi (@choxi)

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Interestingly (in a great article by Adam Vaccaro)

‘According to CEB, 46 percent of employees brought into leadership development programs ultimately fail to meet their business objectives once they assume managerial roles’

BY ADAM VACCARO Staff Writer, Inc:

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So if you think your high potential and even if your company agrees you 46% of the time you and they will be wrong.

So whats the cheery side, maybe there isn’t one, maybe if your happy and you know it you  should stay put, at least for now and take comfort in what Jevons paradox probably implies,  that as technology & our capabilities improve our performance, we will still need to improve our performance, so your job is, well, just getting better whilst you stand still