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Game your Change

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In the modern world of comms; 

2sec:                                  We have an 8 second attention span

4 sec:                                  Communications is key to change 

6.5 sec:                                Communicate change in under 8 seconds

8.2 sec:                                  Probably not 

                                                      What if!!! 

                                                          You gamified comms!

2.5sec                                                     8 secs per interaction

4.5sec                                                            Level up each interaction

 5.5sec                                                                Interested?….. 


a global strategy, enablement & training company, have been running change workshop analysis; They found post workshop execution improves 76% with gamification.

LinkedIn Social Style Index

is a great way to gamify comms, why not use this strategy for your internal social network; contributors with high ratings get rewarded, SSI is a combined measurement of contribution and collaboration via communication.

                                                     Very Smart:

I think LinkedIn understand the modern age of attention span, communication and change. Good job Linkedin.

How do you game your change in your company?

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