Just in Time Performance Management

heart-rate-459226_1920Just In Time performance management. Who needs annual or monthly reviews?

Your day could be

0900hrs You skipped breakfast rushing for work

BPM 160

                Siri called and suggested a bagel on the way to work.

1030hrs: Your heart rate was:

BPM 156

                Fitbit alarm sounded, and said please try some deep breathing exercises

1035hrs: Your heart rate was

BPM 148

                Your boss called and said I saw your BPM on our social dashboard, lets just focus on 3 key points for todays meeting and  “you will be great!!

BPM 132                             

1037hrs: Googled US import tariffs on Chinese hi Tech.

1039hrs: Alibaba confirmed order at 10% lower price than normal supplier.

1040hrs: Your heart rate dropped

BPM 120 

1045hrs: Fitbit Thermos said drink some water. And your sales pitch began

1130hrs: You signed the deal for 2mil USD!

 Your customer said it was the most confident presentation they had seen that day.

1145hrs: HSBC sent me a txt 20k dollar bonus has just been received.

                Your boss rang. I have another deal in USA can you make it?

Siri help, 

Kayak recommend Singapore Airlines business class,

AirBnB has penthouse loft overlooking Central park

Booking.com has an executive suite in the Hyatt.

Uber Executive can pick you up at JFK.

arrived at the Hyatt SPA

BPM 72

1800hrs: Your mum called ‘good job’ on your deal today, your company HR is so wonderful they just sent me some flowers, I am proud of you.